A social media platform that produces content that supports social integration in Türkiye.
The name onlar for Non-Turkish speakers means (them), and refers to foreigners in the country.
The Goal
We believe that people sharing the same society should not be strangers to each other. The engagement of both foreigners and Turkish culture is more critical than ever. With this understanding, we will shed light on the lives of the foreigners in the country who are shaping the future of Turkish society. Also, we will address the issues, common misunderstandings, confusion, and concerns of the public regarding foreigners in the country. Turkish people and foreigners will engage, touch each other's lives and develop a shared understanding through our content. Our target is to allow both communities to get to know each other, learn, and appreciate their presence. We will reinforce this sharing environment with different contents, from human stories to current political issues, from breaking developments to expert opinions. By promoting this understanding, We can work for our common interest, eventually moving Turkey to a better future.​​​​​​​
While working on the 10'lar logo, many draft ideas were created.
10'lar - Video Template
10'lar - Social Media
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